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August 17, 2017

Preview: Vasundhara Mantri On Her Garden Of Jewels At LFW Winter/Festive 2017

Text by Shubham Ladha

The designer tells us how she merged the old and the new with an undercurrent of divinity

How have you reconciled Indian motifs with Western techniques?
“My collection “Reverence” is essentially inspired by Indian flowers that are used as an offering to the divine. It is intrinsically Indian as we are using Indian flowers as the primary element. However, it is artistically put together in a contemporary & bold manner. Hence, it is an amalgamation of local sensibilities put together in a contemporary fashion.”

Can you describe your design aesthetic?
“I’d like to believe my sensibilities are very artistic. Each design I create is a work of art which is why I describe it as art jewellery or creative jewellery. The pieces are hand crafted and given various textures and finishes. Although they are inherently Indian, we try to infuse an element of modernity in them as well.”

Tell us about your predilection for florals.
“The use of Indian flower motifs in jewellery is something that was previously unexplored and it intrigued me. We have given a different texture, colour and finish to each flower to bring out its character and help differentiate it from the other.”

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