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January 31, 2017

Preview: Savio Jon’s LFW Summer Resort 2017 Collection

Text by Sadaf Shaikh

The designer’s collection pays homage to the free-spirited vibe of a globetrotter

Tell us about the collection you’re showcasing this season.
My showcase at LFW is more of a wardrobe presentation than a collection. This season, I have worked with various themes and silhouettes to provide an insight into the closet of a traveler.

Which are your favourite styles from the collection?
I have a special predilection for reconstructed pieces because they allow me to work with timeless styles while introducing a hint of my own aesthetic. Patterns play a pivotal role in my label so I am always looking for innovative ways to juxtapose contrasting designs. Favourites from the collection include single pieces that are, in reality, a variety of garments put together.

One style from your collection that the Verve woman would love…
The penultimate and final segments of my showcase have free-flowing ensembles that allow fluid movement.  These will really appeal to the dynamic sensibilities of the spirited Verve woman.

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