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February 01, 2017

Preview: Outhouse’s LFW Summer Resort 2017 Collection

Text by Sadaf Shaikh

Accessory designer Kaabia Grewal tells us why she chose the exquisite butterfly as her inspiration this season

What was your inspiration for this collection?
“Channeling my penchant for nature and all its wonders into my designs…this season at Lakmé Fashion Week will see my collection delve into the transformation that occurs in a caterpillar during its metamorphosis into a butterfly. The symbolic theme references the various stages of life.”

What are the upcoming jewellery trends for 2017?
“I believe statement chokers made a big comeback last year and will continue to rule the accessories board this year as well. Enormous earrings, big buttons, arm cuffs and a cluster of rings on the hands placed at different levels are my top predictions.”

One piece from your collection that the Verve woman would love.
“Actually, I would pick two pieces from my showcase. The first piece with the pearls and butterflies stands for a sense of freedom coupled with effortless elegance. The second piece is an unconventional ear cuff for a woman who is not averse to taking sartorial risks. I believe its perfect for the Verve woman who is modern, confident and likes to stay up to date.”

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