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March 18, 2016

Preview of Anavila’s Autumn Winter 2016 Collection

Text by Tanisha Choudhury

Take a sneak peek and find out what to expect from Anavila’s latest collection…

Anavila Misra shares exclusive sketches of  her Autumn Winter collection to be shown at Amazon India Fashion Week 2016.

The designer also speaks to us about her collection and the muse who inspired her…

1. What was the inspiration behind this collection? What was on your mood board?
“The main focus of our collection is our muse – an eternal, free spirited woman. Our emphasis is on her and her journey. As she travels through time, across time, the elements she perceives and the experiences she goes though enrich her in more ways than she can imbibe. Our mood board takes inspiration from various folk elements. It is a testimony of our forte blended with these enchanting elements, creating beautiful details.”

2. What was the process of designing it like?
“Our first step before designing the collection was defining our muse and understanding her. She’s timeless, with no beginning and no end. A free spirit bounding across centuries, collecting inspiration as she experiences folk elements though her journey. We have used a vintage colour palette with muted and muddy hues ranging from woody browns to brick and wine, teals to olives and sap greens. The silhouettes are easy and comfortable with minimum construction. We have used pleating extensively through our collection, keeping it young and playful.”

3. What is the significance of the name ‘Folk – Once upon a time’?
“The collection is a tribute to our muse – the folk. The past heritage and traditions practised by the ‘folk’ are a rarity in the fast moving and ever changing world of today. We need to revisit and restore these elements. Our muse is someone who loves spending time with herself to create unique folk art. Just like her, we too have tried to use our creativity to the fullest by translating her thoughts.”

4. What special textiles or weaves have you used in this collection?
“I have used linen extensively which has been our forte and blended it with lotus yarn. The use of munga silk and 100% pure merino wool make for a perfect base in our Autumn Winter collection.”

5. What key pieces from the collection would you recommend to people?
“Printed trousers, wool kaftans and the jackets are my personal favourites.”

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