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August 17, 2017

Preview: Falguni And Shane Peacock Go Glam In Outer Space

Text by Shubham Ladha

A look at how the designer duo’s new collection is decadent, yet instinctively their own

Why did you explore a futuristic space-age theme for this collection?
“We are creative designers and merely render the ingenious whisperings of our mind onto the cloth. Although our sensibilities are largely futuristic, there is a whole new range coming in that is completely different from what we have done in the past. It is all about the trends and the mind space we are in during the process of designing a collection. Hence, each time a collection is launched, we are looked at differently. This season’s collection is glamorous and has been influenced by space, stars, constellations and astronauts.”

Can you talk about some of the weaves and techniques you’ve used?
“The diaphanous gowns with high-low hemlines and slits are delicately embroidered in varying degrees and flattering forms with intricate appliqué work. Premium quality embellishments like rhinestones, bugle beads, crystals, glass sequins and feathers have been used, giving the outfits a glamorous appeal. Intricate embroidery work remains the focus of the collection with space-inspired motifs that have been embroidered with coloured Swarovski crystals and sequins.”

Why do you say your collection is a fantastical colour story?
“The colour of a certain ensemble is a determining factor that makes a customer decided whether she wants to buy it or not. A lot of thought has gone in choosing the right shades for this collection with each colour reflecting the mood of the garment. We carefully compose each shade  and make decisions that affect the experience of wearing the garment which is why we’ve used colours like mauve, pale nude, champagne, burgundy and midnight to deepen our collection’s narrative.”

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