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August 24, 2016

Preview: Anavila’s LFW Winter Festive 2016 Collection

Text by Tanisha Choudhury

The designer tells us what to expect from her unique showcase titled ‘The Sari in Us’

Instead of presenting a regular collection, designer Anavila Misra’s upcoming show for LFW Winter Festive 2016 will be part of her ongoing efforts to revive the sari. Titled ‘The Sari in Us’, the show will attempt to make the garment aspirational and accessible to young women once again.

Why did you decide to do this showcase?
“We want women to wear saris. But as a designer, I can’t force people to wear something just because it is a part of our heritage and culture. What I can do is try to make it fashionable, exciting and interesting for young women, such that they want to wear it.”

What is the concept behind it?
“We thought of the different rites of passage for which women dress up and want to look special. I remember my first job interview. Even as an Indian my first thought was a white shirt. For a romantic date we would think of a sexy blouse or dress. Why don’t we turn to the sari for these occasions?

We have taken these four instances – a romantic date, first job interview, festivals and street style or wearing the sari casually – and updated the sari for them. We will present saris appropriate for each of these occasions and give them the Anavila treatment. For instance, when it comes to festive wear, we are thinking about colours in a different way. We are also experimenting with unconventional practices like using zari not just as traditional borders but in new ways that make it exciting.”

Take a closer look at the details from the show:

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