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June 03, 2017

Payal Singhal and Laksheeta Govil on Giving The Jutti A Vintage Vibe

Text by Wyanet Vaz

“We wanted to create beautiful, contemporary pieces that reflect India”

The humble jutti has a long-standing history. One of the earliest forms of footwear in India, it does not have a right or left distinction. Those made for men were curled at the tip to represent a moustache, and women have them blunt to resemble a kiss.

Re-imagining these classic juttis, Laksheeta Govil of Fizzy Goblet has been churning out innovative pieces with graphic elements, embellishments, and unusual materials. Her latest collaboration with designer Payal Singhal is a handcrafted line with a seriously vintage vibe. ‘Fiori Felici’ features Singhal’s famous botanical prints, with a focus on exquisite workmanship and good quality leather. Plus, there’s a poetic note that’s imprinted on the sole of every shoe.

Excerpts from a conversation with Payal Singhal and Laksheeta Govil…

Tell us about the collaboration with Fizzy Goblet. What makes these juttis a perfect fit for your brand?
Payal Singhal: We first approached Fizzy Goblet to craft a line of mojris for one of our collections at Lakme Fashion Week. And after Laksheeta and me both saw the product, we knew that this could be an interesting project. So we came out with the first collection which was a great success, and now we are back with our second edition.
As a brand, we constantly endeavour to engage with our customer and we want to work on products and collaborations that would excite them.

Tell us about your working equation with Payal Singhal?  
Laksheeta Govil: Working with Payal is very easy as we are both on the same page. We want to create beautiful, contemporary pieces that reflect India and are accessible to the modern woman.

What was the thought process behind this line?
PS: We just wanted to do something new and fun. The thought process was more on the lines of “let’s see where this goes” over “this is what our strategy will be”. It was very organic and it just happened for us.
LG: It is our interpretation of Payal’s beautiful botanical prints. We have used unique embroidery techniques and textures so that each pair comes with a surprise element. The base colours are fresh sea green, pastel blues, blushing lilacs, and pinks.

What makes them unique? 
PS: You have to wear them to understand! They are the most comfortable pair of anything you will ever put on your feet.
LG: Most comfort footwear is not particularly attractive and vice versa. But, at Fizzy Goblet, we ensure utmost attention to styling along with comfort and functionality. We create a universal style that goes with almost any kind of outfit. I’m also glad that through our work, we are supporting Indian handicrafts.

What are some of your favourites from the collection?
PS: I love the silver metallic one called Infinity Leaf.
LS: Belle’s Rose. It has delicate rosebuds, hand-embroidered with a cluster of white pearls. The footnote inside, ‘Seeker of Everyday Magic’ is a philosophy I live by.

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