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July 08, 2015

Verve Style File: Swap it like that!

Text by Saumya Sinha

Verve gives you a low down on the absolute must-haves for a smooth sail through the monsoon season


As crops turn into the new favourite lengths, stock up on one of the chicest trends to follow this season. From boardrooms to night outs, culottes have proven their versatility and how! Your most gorgeous wardrobe addition starts right here.

How to get it right: Although popular, culottes are tricky and demand attention. Rule of thumb: they work in a monochromatic ensemble. As they end at an unexpected length, they tend to make your legs look shorter, especially in case of the petite bodies hence, by adding a blouse of the same hue or design, it balances the body. A print-on-print outfit works wonders with a crop top worn over these mini pants.


Unless you’re a fan of the unforgettable Bollywood glamour from the 90s, you’ll agree that sticky is not sexy anymore. Switch to sheers, chiffons and all the light fabrics that not only look sensuous and playful but also dry out quickly, and come in flattering silhouettes.

How to get it right: Look away from the over-rated hour glass frames and make the trend work for your body simply by defining the waist. Wear a belt or pick dresses with details around the curve, and that’ll do the trick. And when the thunder claps and the wind loses control you can have your own Marilyn Monroe moment!


The world will not come crumbling down if you don’t match your outfit to the colour of your umbrella. But it wouldn’t hurt if you could find one stylish fit that works with your complete wardrobe. Swap the old school with the dernier cri in waterproof accoutrements, and select from a dizzying variety of options starting from transparent to printed designs. It’s hard to go wrong with this impressive game-changer.

How to get it right:

Sport it with anything starting from frocks and skorts to skater dresses and rompers, and strut out without a cloud of doubt. Match your raincoats with a pair of boots that fit perfectly, and sail through the unpredictable weather with a touch of unprecedented style.

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