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June 24, 2015

Is Your Beauty Bag Rain-Ready?

Text by Aparrna Gupta

Here’s what to swap and keep in your vanity kit, to look glamorous even while it pours

Come rains and we revamp our wardrobes with shorter hemlines, easy-to-dry fabrics and comfort silhouettes. We swap the scarf for an umbrella and the list continues. We trade our leather tote for a rain-friendlier option, and simply transfer our make-up pouch from one bag to another. That’s a big beauty mistake. Rule of the thumb is, whenever your wardrobe gets a seasonal shift, it’s a sign to make a few adjustments to your beauty bag as well.

Verve reveals all that it takes to be monsoon-ready…

1. Compact Powder

Ditch anything and everything that will leave tell-tale signs of raindrops on your face or make your face look greasier. Tenderly tuck your liquid foundation away, to make room for compact powder. “Compact, even though it’s a powder formulation has a magical texture. The moment it touches water, it becomes water-proof,” says Cory Walia, Lakme Make-up Expert.

2. Colour Correct Cream

Don’t let the overcast sky tempt you in keeping your sunscreen away. Whether you can see them or not, sun’s rays can reach you. However, to make your beauty bag lighter, you can trade your regular sun-block and moisturiser, for a CC cream.

3. Waterproof Mascara

Mascara is the turning point in make-up. Unless you want to stay in the perennial fear of it streaming down your face, replace your regular mascara with its water-proof version.

4. Blue Eye Liners

Stash your eyeshadows away, bring out the liners. Though black remains our favourite, we are equally besotted by the marine shades ranging from midnight blue to teal to turquoise.

5. Moisturising Lipwear

Replace shiny, glossy lip formulations with moisturising matte options, as the latter do not smudge, says make-up artist Jharna Shah. Since the eyes are either nude with mascara or subtle with liner, your lip colours hold the key to defining your mood for the day. We are enchanted by the pretty salmon-pink. Even a hint of colour in a balm works very well.

6. Rose Mist

Carry some refreshing rose water mist in your bag. Spray some to instantly refresh, tone, hydrate and nourish your skin.

Monsoon-proof your vanity bag
Use plastic pouches to protect your beauty essentials from moisture and humidity, both of which can decrease the shelf life of your favourites. “Most make-up cases available in the market are not waterproof. Zip pouches are not only sturdy but also easy to transport and compact to pack,” states Bianca Hartkopf, Make-up Expert, Revlon India.

Keep in mind (Monsoon tips by make-up expert Jharna Shah)
1. Use oil blotting sheets to dab off the excess oil on the face; it helps the make-up stay longer and protects skin from fungal infections.
2. When using a waterproof foundation, use a make-up brush for even, seamless application.
3. Make-up is best removed using an oil-based remover.
4. For best results, before applying make-up, use an astringent to clean oily skin, and a cleanser for dry skin.


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