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July 16, 2020

Mom’s The Word

Text by Sadaf Shaikh

The Moms Co. recently launched its 3-6-9 Detox with Clay range — perfect for those who are currently unable to schedule their regular exfoliating sessions due to the lockdown. Here, founder Malika Sadani gives us a peek into her own quarantine skincare routine



Has your skincare routine changed in any way during the lockdown?
For one, the focus has shifted to hand hygiene these days and since we are all washing our hands with soap multiple times or using alcohol-based sanitisers, the skin tends to get dry. So, it’s important to keep moisturising our hands and teach our kids to do the same. Since we aren’t scheduling our regular parlour visits, we should add a clay mask to our skincare routine once a week. This is a simple solution for exfoliating in addition to cleansing, moisturising and toning one’s skin. I also make it a point to apply a mineral-based sunscreen even when I am indoors. The sun’s rays from the windows and the blue light from our laptop screens can damage our skin, and a light daily sunscreen helps prevent this when indoors.

How do you envision the future of sustainable skincare, especially since the pandemic has made people understand the importance of treating nature with respect?
I believe the pandemic will increase our awareness about the goodness of nature and the importance of sustainable skincare. In recent years, we have seen that people are more willing to purchase from brands that align with their personal beliefs and have ethical business practices. The conversations around environmental damage and lowering one’s carbon footprint are now taking precedence globally with countries working hard on cutting back on their greenhouse gas emissions. I am hopeful that we will move towards a more sustainable skincare industry, where consumers will force brands to think more consciously.

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