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February 16, 2017

Masaba X Koovs: The Athleisure Collection

Text by Sadaf Shaikh

Masaba Gupta’s collaboration with Koovs is for the girl who has had it with boring gymwear

1. On collaborating with Koovs over other online stores….
“Koovs is one of the biggest online stores in India and always stocks wearable fashion over unreasonable styles. I’ve also noticed that their collections are always updated and in sync with international trends.”

2. On choosing athleisure as her theme….
“I haven’t ventured into active wear with my previous collections even though I’ve always wanted to apply my aesthetics to gym wear. This year, I felt I was in a good space to lend my quirkiness to a trend so close to my heart.”

3. On her inspiration for this collection….
“During my wedding, Sonam Kapoor and I had a conversation about how I should turn vegan to lose weight. Post that pep talk, I worked extremely hard on my body and lost 10 kilos over a couple of months (despite not turning vegan). This collection is my way of chronicling that journey.”

4. On what makes Masaba X Koovs’ design different from her regular aesthetic….
“It’s really not all that different from my regular designs. I’ve treated this collection with the same kaleidoscopic eclecticism that is seen in my previous ensembles. The only difference is that I’ve translated it onto a different trend and priced it more affordably.”

5. On the kind of girl that wears Masaba X Koovs….
“She is chic and cool at the same time. She likes to be comfortable without compromising on style.”

6. Go-to designer for athleisure internationally….
“The brand DYNE.”

7. Favourite piece from the collection….
“The skirts and the chocolate slippers. Because really, don’t we all need a little post-run chocolate, if only to look at?”

8. Three must-have pieces from the collection….
‘The sports bras, joggers and bodysuits.”

9. One song that describes the Masaba X Koovs girl….
Fancy by Iggy Azalea.”

10. One Indian and international celebrity that she would like to see wearing her collection….
“How cool would it be if Rihanna wore one of my designs? Back home, I’d like to see Aishwarya wear something from the collection since she’s gorgeous and will do complete justice to my style.”

Check out our favourites from the collection (and which occasions they go best with):

1. The bodycon tee
For when you promised your trainer you would go for a jog but also made plans for dessert with your girls for immediately after.

2. The hoodie
For when you’ve made up your mind to lift heavier weights than that obnoxious boy at the gym.

3. The sports bra and yoga pants
For when you’ve been hitting the gym for a couple of months and want to show off the fruit of your labour.

4. The zippered vest
For when you have a gruelling session planned at the gym and your significant other decides to join you so you have to sweat it out while looking like a goddess.

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