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September 06, 2016

Manish Malhotra’s Advice For The Glamorous Bride

Text by Tanisha Choudhury

From his favourite bridal trends to common mistakes brides should avoid, the master reveals it all

The Manish Malhotra bride
“An evolving, confident, happy and positive woman. A bride who is very clear about what she wants to look like, what she wants to wear, who she’s getting married to and what she’s seeking in life. I think I’m relating to the younger woman of today, who is much more confident and knows exactly what she wants.”

Key bridal trends
“There is a very interesting movement towards intricate, old craft. But the language is contemporary. The bride of today doesn’t want to look like she’s completely bogged down by a piece of art. She wants to look like herself. So she wants to wear something that’s beautiful but look even more beautiful herself.
I think another trend is towards a younger, wider and a more interesting interpretation of world fashion in your traditional outfit.”

Common mistake brides make
“When they wear too much make-up or too much jewellery or too much embroidery. Overdone is not required these days. Sometimes, over-the-top can be a look but then you have to keep the make-up subtle.”

Evergreen bridal trend
“A big bridal trend in the last two seasons has been gowns. For the reception or the sangeet — they’ve become really popular and I think the trend is going to be around for a while.”

A look for the glamorous bride
“An innovative colour, a beautiful interpretation of the dupatta drape, maybe a little off-shoulder. Mixing tradition and a global influence is something I enjoy and would recommend.”

For the sangeet ceremony
“I would recommend an off-shoulder top or a low back, worn with a more modern lehenga, which is almost like a gown, but still an Indian outfit.”

Practical wedding day tips
“Wear your high heels, but wear platforms so that they don’t show beyond your lehenga and you are comfortable. Stitch the dupatta on your outfit and get it sowed so it doesn’t keep moving. I like when the hair is tied so that the bride’s beautiful face stands out.”

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