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November 20, 2015

Verve Wedding Diaries #22: Make-up Artists Share Bridezilla Tales

Compiled by Aparrna Gupta.

Tantrums, tears and malfunctions – make-up artists on the high-voltage drama they face and what not to do

The Wedding Date
“While travelling for an island wedding, my flight got delayed and eventually cancelled for the day. I missed all the festivities on the first day. This is not a good way to begin the relationship! If it is a destination wedding, I learnt that the artist should reach the venue well in advance to make the bride feel comfortable and at ease. To make a bride happy, it is not only about knowing the latest trends and what you want as an artist, but it is also necessary to ensure that the bride is relaxed. And there have been times that I am faced with a peculiar situation of the wedding dress not fitting the bride. I have had to squeeze the bride into it — and have had to put my sewing skills to use. ”

– Bianca Hartkopf,
Make-up and Hair Expert

Waterproof mascara is a simple way to ensure a happy bride.

My Fair Lady
“At a reception party, after her hair and make-up was done, the bride looked both anxious and annoyed. She wanted to look ‘rich’ as the reception party had over 2,000 guests. Her husband arrived, and told me that he wanted her to look like him! That’s when I realised that she wanted to look fair to please her husband. While I believe in sticking to one’s skin-tone, the bride was already two hours late, so I quickly went three tones lighter on her face, neck and arms. Strangely the ‘whiteness’ of her skin made her feel ‘rich’ and her husband was pacified.”

– Priya Kapur
Make-up Expert, Author of Bridal Diaries

Work with a look that best suits you instead of blindly replicating a celebrity style.

Sleeping Beauty
“At a destination wedding, the bride, dead tired after a two-day extravaganza of pool parties and sangeet festivities, decided to take a power nap during the make-up session on the D-Day. This meant that I had to work on her face without a mirror while she slept on the bed, and had only my judgment to rely on. After all, doing the eye make-up with the eyes shut is like taking a shot in the dark. For her hairdo, of course, I had to wake her up, but it wasn’t long before she nodded off again!”
– Abhilasha Singh,
Style Director, Biguine Make-up

Most brides have sleepless nights before the wedding, resulting in dark under-eye circles. Use a highlighter and concealer to create an illusion of rested eyes.

“For a high-profile wedding, a senior artist from Mumbai was flown to Delhi for the bride’s make-up, while the female members of the bride’s family, her mother and her sisters, had booked me. Halfway through the manic day, I get a call from the bride saying, in between sobs, that the artist was applying make-up that was three shades darker and bronzing her out. She was distraught because she felt that she was looking like someone else. Without a warning, she handed over the phone to the artist, who said that that the bride unreasonably wanted to look fairer than her complexion. I committed the cardinal sin of advising another make-up artist. I suggested that maybe he should listen to the bride. The artist vehemently disagreed. The evening ended with the baraat dancing for two extra hours while the bride rushed into my salon in tears, dramatically ripping her chunni off and demanding a complete redo of her make-up.”
– Ambika Pillai,
Celebrity Make-up Artist

It is better to use a darker tone on the cheekbones and the sides of the nose as it adds character to the face.

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