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June 29, 2014

Clothes Maketh A Man

Text by Anuradha Gandhi

A worldwide leader in luxury since 1854, Louis Vuitton has been synonymous with the art of elegant travel. Known for its impeccable quality and craftsmanship, the brand has managed to stay atop of times in all their creations. Their latest spring/summer 2014 collection is no different

  • Louis Vuitton, Men's Fashion Spring Summer 2014 collection
  • Louis Vuitton, Men's Fashion Spring Summer 2014 collection
  • Louis Vuitton, Men's Fashion Spring Summer 2014 collection
  • Louis Vuitton, Men's Fashion Spring Summer 2014 collection
  • Louis Vuitton, Men's Fashion Spring Summer 2014 collection

“The collection is really about the freedom of the road and that freedom itself being luxurious” says Kim Jones, Louis Vuitton’s Men’s Studio and Style Director. Launching his fifth collection for the brand, he has been inspired by a road trip across United States of America.

Infusing elements of American culture from a global sense, Jones channels the changing environment of the States, going from city to forest to desert; that journey in a day from snow coloured mountains to cacti in the desert that you can only really seem to find in America.

Taking reference from American pop culture, the collection effortlessly showcases the adventurous side of the LV man and his passion for the unknown. Staying loyal to the brand’s image, the range successfully manages to infuse classic American sportswear with highend luxury tailoring.

The 41 looks that were showcased covered a multitude of styles- Building from a contemporary take on 1960s’ varsity preppy, free spirit of a boy’s scout and rebel, and finally transcending into the sophisticated formality of a prom king. It is aimed at the modern man- looking out for beautiful, yet uncomplicated clothes. Although the collection does well to hide its extreme luxury, the Vuitton stamp is easily recognisable, even in its more casual looks.

As Jones says, “Luxury is always a maer of subtle emotions. The real luxury today is to be able to freely choose what you want to do. It can be expressed in many different ways; there is no need to necessarily flaunt it according to the well-known cliché.” This is precisely what is showcased in the first few looks which have a relaxed side to them, making them effortlessly luxurious.

There is an air of innocence and leisure in them; checkered shorts, bomber jackets, plaid pantsuits. The Kim Jones man does well by replacing neckties with bandana scarf’s, suits with khaki jackets complete with badges and satchels instead of briefcases, thereby distancing itself from the usual rigid conformism. Souvenirs and pictures taken by Jones on his road trip find a place in the collection in the form of decoration on the adventurer’s jackets. Texas inspired bandanas are seen throughout the collection, either tied around the neck or transformed in large shirts with the Vuitton logo. The increased play with proportions also helps to make the looks fresh and young.

The latter looks in the show evolve into sharp tuxedos, each one more stylish than the last. Old school plaid has been given a new lease of life. Form-fitted ankle length pants, mix of prints, tie dye and vibrant colours provide them with a youthful exuberance. Signature hand woven Japanese kimono silks are predominant-which give a chic take on prom classics. Addition of corsages provides a playful touch to the formal collection.

Some of the striking pieces of the collection include the red alligator leather jacket, red and black tie-dyed jacket, the motorcycle jackets with tuffetage V logo, the glittering LV jacquard evening wear and the footwear that combined several exotic skins.

In true LV style, the importance of carrying the perfect baggage along with the garments has not been overlooked. The bags too feature a distinctly on-the-road feel this season. Slightly oversized, they are perfect for a weekend getaway. Predominantly soft and roomy, they are a mélange between a suitcase and a rucksack.

A perforated take on the classic Damier pattern is seen in caramel Nomade leather – a colour scheme that is also transported to the key leather outerwear looks. Along with bags, sleek aluminum laptop and tablet cases with similar Damier patterns were showcased with equal sophistication.

Like a breath of fresh air, the collection manages to stay atop the fine line between artistic instincts and commercial viability. The LV man is seen truly transforming from playful boys to sophisticated men, making sure that there is something for everyone. Inherently modern and classic, it is truly meant for the global traveller. We for one would travel long and hard to pick up these looks and go for a stylish getaway! ”

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