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November 06, 2015

33 Last minute Gifting Ideas

Compiled by Zaral Shah (with inputs from the digital team)

It’s that time of the year! We start thinking of giving (and getting). We’ve curated a list of gifting ideas so that you don’t have to!

1. Green thumb alert! An Earth Bowl with its micro landscapes is the first step in refreshing our concrete jungle environment.

2. Go back in time to when handwritten letters made the best gifts…have your writing permanently engraved onto a pendant, just make sure you know to make those words count!

3. For the eco-friendly, wrap your gift in or make amazing some origami out of this Plantable Eden’s wrapping paper. Embedded with seeds, it can be planted to grow things like broccoli, carrots, onions, chillies and tomatoes. (Makes for a good way to give back to the universe)

4. For those who like to live life king size…a wine bottle holder shaped like a royal chariot from Frazer and Haws with 24-karat gold highlights. (We sensed the whistle.)

5. Think it’s a great idea to gift someone a luxe vacation? Not sure where they would like to go? Taj makes it easy with their experiences gift card (valid at any location across India) ranging from 500-50,000 it’s usable for any experience at Taj. It’s totally idiot-proof!

6. The Versus Versace watch collection – blending elegance with trendy timepieces – give them a reason to think of you more often than they do. Looking for more watches? Find them here! 

7. Get online and just a click away at The Gourmet Box, and you can find a hamper full of hand-picked products to be delivered to their doorstep. It’s the lazy man’s way out, but hey, we aren’t complaining!

8. Want to prove to the world that you got your Indian roots in more than a Banyan tree? Get or gift an Etching pooja thali from Arttd’inox, complete with a bell, an agarbatti stand and a diya. (Psst…all you need is an outfit and some jewellery and you can rock the soap look.)

9. Got a really quirky friend? (Who doesn’t, right?) Get them one of Chumbak’s kitschy things. (You’ll find stores around the city and an efficient online delivery.)

10. Really gearing to impress? The new Master Ultra Thin Squelette from Jaeger-LeCoultre is rare handcrafts and watchmaking art coming together for a vintage feel.

11. If they know their cocoa, they will love this. The Chocolate Factory Ecuador goodies and Royce’s cooler than cool hamper.

12. A real surprise – even you won’t know what’s inside the box – a bunch of goodies from Paris Box. They look sharp and come with the postmark of the hautest city in the world. (They have timed sales, so we’ve warned you with days to spare before the next one on November 15.)

13. A handwritten note, no wait, make that poetry. To tell them how much they mean to you. Bring out your inner Shelley…or Plath.

14. Give someone a new home this month…an adorable little Shih Tzu. Pedigree and all, it can change someone’s life. As long as they are the kind that would surrender to a ball of fuzzy love. (And if they aren’t, question why you are friends with them in the first place.)

15. BBC’s visual version of Austen’s classics. So basically, Colin Firth. And if it’s for a man (who isn’t Colin Firth) then The Godfather special edition.

16. A pre-booked trip to see Federer play live next year, because every year you think it may be his last, except it isn’t.

17. First edition of any of their favourite books. And if they don’t read, then suggest Roald Dahl or Dr Seuss. You are never too old for that.

18. Handmade paper flowers, a bouquet that will last forever. (With a little careful dusting, of course.)

19. Any of Chanel’s beauty products. No girl can resist those! (We speak from experience.)

20. If you are feeling generous, then something from the Hermès store. Don’t you know what Wednesday Martin said about the Birkin illusion? (What’s more? Hermèsistible, a website devoted to the fashion accessories universe is launching next week, so find the perfect goodie there!)

21. An iPhone 6s with an Apple Watch. That way they can never say they missed your call.

22. Plant a tree…organisations like Grow-Trees and Plant A Tree India help you gift not only your friend, but also the environment.

23. An array of exquisite trousseau trunks to carry all that they thought would be necessary in their new life (but would soon realise aren’t really required. Unless they can find a way to pack in patience.)

24. Forest Essentials — a brand even Grandma can’t say ‘no’ to! Fabulously fragrant auras with the natural care they revere.

25. The illustrated edition of the Harry Potter book will thrill the nerd in anyone.

26. Snazzy and classy, Villeroy and Boch’s Samarkand Collection is available in vibrant hues of orange, taking inspiration from the Silk Road.

27. A personalised scarf from Burberry’s Scarf Bar — 71 shades in the classic cashmere. (We’re eyeing the Rose Pink so steer clear.)

28. A Swarovski festive creation. No one outgrows the glitter, ever.

29. Something from Good Earth. It’s not possible to go to that store and not find something you love. Play safe with a gift voucher, if you can’t decide.

30. Jewellery. Like the real stuff. Check out our list to find one that you know will rock their boat.

31. For your own Thomas Crown, pick one of the fine art prints from Jatin Kampani’s The Merchants Of Cool. He had us at the cube story. (Psst – he’s also coming out with beautiful photography-inspired scarves and pocket squares real soon.)

32. If you’re looking for purposeful, well-designed gifts, grab a hold of Payal Khandwala’s new range of brass and leather goods titled Tachi.

33. The gift of time. Nothing beats it, say what you may. And lock that phone in your drawer while you do it.

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