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February 03, 2016

7 ‘Promise’ Rings To Make Up For The Ones You’ve Broken

Text by Wyanet Vaz

Let these cute-as-a-button knuckle rings from Jaipur Jewels be your perfect unconventional gift this V-Day

What it signifies: Loyalty.
For the time you watched an episode of GoT without her, and she’s still holding that grudge.

What it signifies: Support.
For all the times you’ve agreed to go for Zumba classes, but never turned up.

What it signifies: Strength.
For all the times she has proved to be a better man than you.

What it signifies: Compatibility.
For all the times, she has sent you compatibility Facebook quizzes and you’ve let her down.

What it signifies: Blooming love.
For all the plants she has gifted you, and none of them have seen the light of day.

What it signifies: Togetherness.
For spending more time with Grand Theft Auto than the girlfriend.

What it signifies: Commitment.
Because after all this time, all you’ve got to do is step up and pop the question!

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