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January 29, 2018

Keeping Up With Gen Next Designers At LFW Spring/Summer 2018: Ayushman Mitra

Text by Sadaf Shaikh

Bobo Calcutta’s designs are all about making art available to people in the form of wearables

Age: 27
Currently based out of: Kolkata

Design philosophy….
“Bobo Calcutta is a non-conformist label that reeks of loud and unabashed ideas related to art, love, sexuality, colour, and chaos. We create breakthrough rebel art that is weaved into the quintessential Calcutta Chromosome. The trademark prints that feature in every collection are developed from my own paintings to create limited edition garments. We believe in making art available to people in the form of wearables — transforming art into skin rather than observing it from a distance. The brand represents liberation and one’s right to love freely, which is why lip-locks, screaming mouths, split faces and flowers are motifs that are widely prevalent throughout the collection.”

Showcasing at Lakmé Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018….
“My collection is titled Excessive Adaptation and features my own artworks that lend a second layer to the garments. Additionally, borrowing from my paintings, I have used other design and graphic motifs to create a disorienting yet vivid juxtaposition. Hand-embroidered sequins and threads transform the clothes into a playground of light while cotton, muslin cotton, denim cotton, and silk ensure the garments are appropriate for summer. The silhouettes are straightforward and clean in order to divert attention to the graphics and embroidery. Mirroring the concept of embracing different types of sexualities, each look is envisioned as a second skin from head to toe that can be worn and experienced fully.”

“Alessandro Michele’s work for Gucci is revolutionary. Tom Ford’s vision has been inspiring too. Sabyasachi has been a major reason for my growth as a designer. I admire Kallol Dutta’s work as well; I like the way he has bridged the gap between art and fashion.”

Label USP….
“My garments can be regarded as Fine Art — they can be worn as well as framed to be hung on the wall. It stands as a medium that encourages positive conversations on various topics related to the queer movement. I believe it will help me move art away from a confined gallery space to a more dynamic social playground.”

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