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January 30, 2018

Keeping Up With Gen Next Designers At LFW Spring/Summer 2018: Asit Barik And Anvita Sharma

Text by Sadaf Shaikh

Asit Barik and Anvita Sharma’s label focuses on the person instead of their gender or culture and helps one express their individuality through clothing

Age: Asit Barik, 30; Anvita Sharma, 27
Currently based out of: New Delhi

Design philosophy….
“Two Point Two classifies as an ‘agender’ brand, which simply means that our designs are for everyone. We aim to create a third identity, which stands for neither of the binaries and yet for both. We incorporate colours, details and silhouettes, which are essentially considered feminine or masculine and form an amalgamation of both, thus blurring the line differentiating the two. We understand and accept that anatomy differs between the genders but Two Point Two believes in uniting and celebrating these differences instead of restricting people based on them.”

Showcasing at Lakmé Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018….
“The raw threadwork and applique embroideries in this collection play on the ideology of beauty in imperfection. The motifs include various body parts, which are deliberately made to look asymmetrical and imperfect so that we appreciate the beauty of those flaws. They also create the aforementioned third identity, which is neither male nor female. The juxtaposition of various colours and threads in a chaotic way has been employed to evoke a feeling of confusion and ambiguity in relation to removing the lines that separate things into categories. All the threadwork and embroideries use fabric waste in order to highlight our tryst with sustainability. The collection has a lot of cotton-based fabric along with silk organza, poplin and cotton suit for that light summer feel.”

“Our travels take us all over the world, so our influences have come from multiple people like London-based artist Camilla Emson, Serbian performance artist Marina Abramovic and Japanese fashion maestro Yohji Yamamoto. We borrow from all strata of life because true inspiration transcends cultural and geographical borders.”

Label USP….
“The freedom of wearing what one wants and expressing themselves through clothing is something that is not widely accepted in our country. This lack of choice is what we stand against. We focus on the individual instead of their gender or culture and support them to express their individuality through clothing, even if it’s unusual. Our clothes are oversized and meant for different shapes, sizes and, of course, genders. The asymmetrical cut removes the notion of the stereotypical menswear and womenswear tailoring lines, and lends an experimental fresh spin to the whole affair.”

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