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April 24, 2018

Karn Malhotra On Dressing The Unconventional Woman

Having showcased at fashion weeks across the country, the designer talks to us about his vision for 2018

For Karn Malhotra, the decision to pursue fashion wasn’t a eureka moment. Growing up with his maternal grandmother, whose sculptures glorified the female form, he intrinsically veered towards art and the creative genre. Over the years, the designer found his own way of interpreting his version of a woman through his powerful sketches.

We speak to him about his journey since he first launched his label n 2015….

What are the biggest trends of 2018, according to you?
“I think the core of fashion lies in its ever-evolving nature. At present, I’m loving pastels — lilac, pinks, nudes, yellows, all of them. I also have a soft spot for elements like frills and ruffles as they add the zest that is required to make an outfit trendy. Sequins and shimmer will continue their reign as will billowing silhouettes.

Verve represents the spirit of today’s woman. How would you dress the modern woman?
The way you put an outfit together is a process that is unique to every individual. I believe that personality, profession, comfort and body type play a significant role in the curation of one’s ensembles. A modern woman, according to me, is an intoxicating mix of graceful innocence with a stylish edge. She is always looking forward to experimenting and mixing it up.

Who is your muse?
I am inspired mostly by ideas that challenge the norm. I find myself toeing the thin line that separates the ordinary from the unconventional when I envision my designs. I like fusing contradicting genres together to introduce that difference in flavour. My muse is a confident, experimental and passionate woman who doesn’t hesitate to dress up the way she feels like.

What makes a Karn Malhotra garment unique?
It would have to be our design philosophy. Almost 80 per cent of my design work cannot be accessorised as the garment is an accessory in itself.

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