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October 04, 2017

What’s Inside Louis Vuitton’s New Store At The Place Vendôme?

Text by Shubham Ladha

The house returns home after 160 years with it’s new store opening

As an art-deco sun rises over the facade of 2 Place Vendôme, bathing a beautiful 17th-century edifice in light, it is a resurrection; a return to home for Louis Vuitton at the new Maison Louis Vuitton Vendôme. More than 160 years have passed since the young designer himself built his very first store here – at 4 Rue Neuve des Capucine, in 1854 – having learnt and mastered his craft amongst these very streets, which have nurtured couturiers as well as French royalty.

Originally designed by Jules Hardouin-Mansart – famed for the Château of Versailles – the two classically Parisian townhouses have a similar style and charm although they have recently been restored to their former glory by architect Peter Marino. While the floors remain grand with stone and beautiful parquet, the ceilings are now heightened and there’s a sense of novelty as ultra-modern designs use glass to bring in natural light. There is also a hot-stamping desk and a savoir-faire corner, the latter being the House’s first permanent space that offers demonstrations of Louis Vuitton’s traditional know-how to clients. Also arriving in Place Vendôme are the Objets Nomades, the House’s unique collection of travel and home objects created in collaboration with some of the world’s most renowned designers.

The store houses all its crafts under one roof: couture, ready-to-wear, jewellery, watchmaking, leather goods, shoes, fragrances and accessories. Artisanal workshops will also discreetly function out of the Maison; select clients will have the chance to preview and try the latest collections with assistance from and customisations by the atelier’s in-house artisans.

As always, the House’s relationship with art can be appreciated alongside the store offerings. Thirty-three contemporary artworks, including those by Laurent Grasso, Yan Pei Ming, Stephen Sprouse, Serge Alain Nitegeka and Paul Nabulumo Namarinjmak, decorate the Maison. Vintage trunks on display will be evocative of the spirit that Louis Vuitton has stood for. And since art never goes out of style, the opening will also be celebrated with a preview of the second chapter of Jeff Koons’ Masters in collaboration with the house. A new painting from Koons’ Gazing Ball series will also be exclusively launched on the occasion. This and many such interpretations will feature on the House’s iconic bags.

For the lucky lot who are in Paris at the moment, there’s no better moment to celebrate a beautiful rebirth of French luxury!

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