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March 03, 2020

Indian Street Wear With Alisha Singh

Photographed by Indra Joshi. Styled by Akanksha Pandey. Photographed by Indra Joshi at Feat. Artists. Hair and Make-up: Shreya Shrivastava at Feat. Artists. Assisted by Hita Panwar

Fashion spreads its wings with dancer and choreographer Alisha Singh, as she sways and twirls in the latest India-specific street-style trends — the salwar kameez, patchwork, handwoven ties, indigo, bandhani — and reflects on how a dance reality show altered her vocational choices…

Traditionally Modern

Which one of these looks made you feel the most comfortable?
The salwar kameez look had it all — beautiful, comfortable, sporty yet elegant. This felt just right. The credit goes to the designer, as the outfit is so perfect the way it is. If I absolutely had to add something to this look, it would be a set of large chunky earrings.

What is on your wishlist right now?
There are three things that I would like to invest in — a Sabyasachi ensemble, Balenciaga shoes and Christian Louboutin heels. You can totally gift me one of these!

Piece by Piece

What role does fashion play in your performances?
Fashion plays a vital role. From the colours and fabrics, to what’s currently on trend and how the look would translate on stage for me, it all has to blend into my costume to enhance my performance.

As a dancer, describe how your body connected with these looks.
Every look came with its own set of vibes. From contemporary and flowy to being staccato, stretchy, and sometimes doing a tutting piece, I tried to create as many new and different poses as possible. Kudos to the photographer as well for his creativity.

Loose Ends

Which, would you say, is a time you took a risk fashion-wise?
This is from my days as a performer on the TV show Dance India Dance. I had a salsa performance for which the costume was a bra top and a micro mini skirt. I would have never dreamed of wearing something like this on camera with millions of people watching. I am grateful that my family didn’t disown me at that time.

Do you care about people’s opinions on what you wear?
Initially, since I hail from a small town, it took me a while to not care and look inward to see how I would really like to dress. For me, comfort comes first, even if the look is not in fashion. My clothes are my personal choice, which I can now wear without caring for external opinions.

Moody Blues

How were you discovered?
Being born in a simple, middle-class family makes it more challenging to be discovered. I am really grateful that the TV show Boogie Woogie gave me the first commercial platform and the title of The First Girl from Jharkhand on a reality show, which people remembered.

When you found success through a reality show, how did that change your path in life?
Until the 7th grade I always looked at myself as someone who would grow up to become an IAS officer. Little did I know that destiny had other plans. Dancing makes me feel alive. Post my first reality show, I knew that dancing is what I’d do my whole life.

Splash of Colour

Out of the ones from today, which trends do you have in your wardrobe at the moment?
You will find a lot of bandhani and scarves in my wardrobe. I love to pair plain salwars with a bandhani dupatta. I like to source my bandhani material from Ahmedabad. I use scarves to finish a lot of my looks — be it Indian or western wear.

Do you make your own clothes or do you prefer to shop ready-to-wear?
So, I am a mixed bag when it comes to this. I put a lot of emphasis on the right fit, so I get some of my clothes made, but at the same time, if I find a shoe that fits then I would willingly get that as well.

– As told to Rushmika Banerjee

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