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August 16, 2017

IMC Ladies’ Wing Celebrates 30 Years Of Ingenuity And Entrepreneurship

“An empowered woman can change the future of her family and the ripple effect can be seen for generations to come” – Nayantara Jain

This month, an impressive line-up awaits Mumbai’s elite amid a gamut of events on the city’s social calendar. Known for its impeccable yearly selection of art, craftsmanship, couture and gastronomy, the Ladies’ Wing of the Indian Merchants’ Chamber commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Women Entrepreneurs exhibition on August 17 and 18 at Dome, NSCI, SVP Stadium, Worli. Over time, the affair has grown and rapidly emerged as a trusted platform for several aspiring women entrepreneurs to showcase their talents for the right audiences, from both domestic and international markets. What’s more, the central location of the venue ensures high footfall. “We have witnessed a tremendous change over the years. It’s amazing to see the talent of our supremely driven participants,” affirms Vanita Bhandari, chairperson of the exhibition committee.

Distinguished by its mission of encouraging the efforts of contributors who operate as pop-ups, this event is certainly a must-attend one. Since IMC has always been driven by a strong philanthropic ethos, the exhibition continues to support various NGOs to help raise resources through the sale of the unique products on offer. The 2017 edition will feature 195 experienced women and 12 NGOs from across the country, who will be presenting exquisitely designed apparel and bespoke jewellery, in addition to lifestyle, personal care, gourmet and home decor products.

One of the highlights this season is the participation of global entrepreneurs in their early twenties — who are potential game changers in their respective industries. A bunch of esteemed personalities, including Pheroza Godrej, advisor to the exhibition committee, will be in attendance. Renowned couturier Anju Modi presents an array of eye-catching ensembles, Sarla Nagpal, the owner of O! Fudge, shows off her culinary skills with some mouth-watering sweet treats and Sherina Dalamal makes an impact with meticulously crafted garments that are graceful with a hint of glamour. Reshma Merchant from House of Milk showcases two unique lines, Wearable Art and Healing Garments, whereas Keepa Joshi of Village Crafts presents handcrafted paintings and other artworks. Another must-see exhibit is the one by Sudha Bhandari of Beyond Square, which consists of intricately designed furniture and decor that draw inspiration from India’s rich heritage. Under the leadership of Nayantara Jain, president of the IMC Ladies’ Wing, the motto ‘Winds of change — we can; we will’ has been determined. A philanthropist and educationist, Jain is committed to the welfare and development of the less fortunate. She elaborates, “An empowered woman can change the future of her family and the ripple effect can be seen for generations to come. The idea is to go beyond our boundaries, encourage women who need exposure and make a difference in their lives.”

Kaushika Hemdev, director of Ghanasingh Fine Jewels and co-chairperson of the exhibition committee, shares, “Each year we endeavour to motivate a bevy of entrepreneurs from different walks of life to come together and demonstrate their creativity under one roof. We even have a 93-year-old lady participating this year.”

With the attendance of an influential audience and a melange of budding and established entrepreneurs, and with a range of inspired products on offer, it’s no wonder that the exhibition has been identified as one that no woman of discerning taste should miss.

IMC Ladies’ Wing’s Women Entrepreneurs exhibition will take place at the Dome @ NSCI, Mumbai on August 17 and 18, 2017, 12.30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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