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December 14, 2016

Beauty Notebook: Sophisticated Glitter

Text by Aparrna Gupta

We show you how to wear glitter without looking like a teenager

It’s not gaudy, nor is it girlish. The new glitter on the block is sophisticated, glamorous and fun. You can be bold with heavy shimmering lids, or demure with just a thin sparkling line defining the eyes. What’s trending now is glitter on the lips. Think scarlet, well-defined lips laced with glitter on an almost bare face. International make-up artist Pat McGrath’s showstopping take on the classic red lips at the Versace show went viral online. “To attain a similar look, apply glitter very delicately, using finger application on creamy, long-wear lipstick, or on the centre of the lip for more wearable shimmer,” explains Natasha Nischol, co-owner and co-founder of make-up academy Fat Mu. This look would complement a pair of jeans and sexy heels as much as they did Versace’s couture gowns, so when you go the sparkly route, make a single, high-impact statement. Don’t do eyes, lips and nails all at the same time.

Haute trick
For sparkling lids, apply a transparent lip gloss on the lids and then apply shimmer to prevent speckles from falling all over the face.
– Mickey Contractor, MAC’s Director of Makeup Artistry for India

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