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September 26, 2016

Here’s Why You Need To Own A Pair Of Funky Socks Immediately!

Text by Sadaf Shaikh

The once shunned ‘ugly feet gloves’ now have a place of pride on the fashion boards….

Socks are the fashion equivalent of Neville Longbottom (of Harry Potter fame) who went from being a portly lad to a brooding hunk. Cool kids are flaunting them, hipsters are rocking them and working professionals are pairing funky renditions with formal shoes. The heavyweights of Tinseltown have also taken to the accessory with much panache. Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner regularly pop up on our Instagram feeds making us covetous about socks like never before. Although we continue to have our misgivings about sandals being paired with socks — eclectic heels, androgynous sneakers and combat boots go with them like white on rice.

‘Pull up your socks’ is no longer an admonishment; it is now sound fashion advice. We show you 11 different ways you can wear your pair without looking like a school girl.

1. Pair them with stiletto ankle boots

Verve’s take: This look is perfect for when you don’t want to dress too elaborately but want to add some spunk to your look. Notice how Taylor Swift’s shirt and shorts make for a very casual outfit before she added the knee-length socks.

2. Only let the cuffs show

Verve’s take: In this case, less is definitely more which would explain why many brands now make boots with built-in cuffs. Showing only the uppermost part of white socks adds a sporty vibe to the sailor-blazer which also works as a chic midi in Gigi’s case.

3. Make them meet your ‘bro’-gues

Verve’s take: Brogues are a great way to lend character to your overall look, especially if you are an ardent devotee of androgyny. A cool addition in the form of a cap or a leather jacket will take your badass quotient up by infinite points.

4. Give those sandals a shot

Verve’s take: Sandals and socks were meant to be poles apart and for good reason, as most people get them revoltingly wrong. Rita Ora is definitely nailing this look in spite of the vivid fluorescent shades. The boyfriend jacket and white-on-white socks and sandals combined are what makes the look work, so ensure that you get your layering right.

5. Opt for a calf-length gypsy dress

Verve’s take: Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine takes boho-chic to another level with this dress. While scanning the look from top to bottom, we almost expected her to finish off with elegant heels but the lace-up stiletto boots pleasantly threw us off. It’s perfect rockstar appendage….if you ask us.

6. Try the after-school look

Verve’s take: We have Leighton Meester and Blake Lively as Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen of Gossip Girl fame to thank for this one. The duo resurrected this style that was restricted to our pre-pubescent days until we saw them making uniforms look like they belonged in the pages of a fashion glossy. You can be the ideal schoolgirl and wear your uniform with long socks and loafers complete with a pretty hairband. Alternatively, turn to the dark side with socks paired with ankle boots, and a tie to go with your shirt hanging out.

7. Pumping it up

Verve’s take: While socks and pumps together might not seem like the brightest idea at the outset, sensible mixing can quickly transform this into one of your go-to looks. Stick to block coloured socks for this one, you can opt for contrasting pumps like Rihanna if you want to add a dash of colour.

8. Lacy and frilly is not silly!

Verve’s take: Nothing says cute like frilly socks. It is a quirky addition to an otherwise regular look. Jacqueline’s lacy socks grunge up her all black outfit quite a bit and we’re loving it!

9. Mary Janes are no longer only for plain Janes

Verve’s take: Although Mary Janes have been dubbed ‘school shoes’ since the beginning of time, they can also add a playful element to your look if worn right. Emilia Clarke as Louisa Clark from Me Before You is seen throughout the movie in eccentric but endearing combinations of Mary Janes with cute socks.

10. Give the classic sneakers a little twist

Verve’s take: If you thought the fashion industry had had enough of socks and sneakers, you couldn’t be more wrong. Folding your jeans up to the exact point where they meet the top of your socks like Kristen Stewart is a cool way to flaunt your statement pair. This look is perfect for those lazy days when you want to only stick to your basics.

11. Join the tights club

Verve’s take: Who doesn’t like to stay snuggly during the cooler months without looking like a coat hanger? The socks-over-tights style is the perfect way to stay warm besides lending a very fairytale vibe to your outfit. For a classier avatar, you can replace the tights with see-through stockings like Sonam Kapoor.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on a pair of socks to experiment with, go through our curated collection of the coolest to choose from.

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