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June 06, 2016

4 Make-up Rules To Perfect Your Nude Game

Text by Wyanet Vaz

Cut down on rookie mistakes with these expert beauty tips

The #WokeUpLikeThisLook is actually a result of pro make-up techniques by beauty experts in the field. But like the age old adage, practise makes one perfect, and Eliano Bou Assi ( ‎Director of Education & Artistry, Bobbi Brown) shows us how to get this growing trend right. Well, you’d be pleased to know that you don’t really require a glam squad to pull off this look, and you can do it yourself.

Rule 1
Brighter not lighter. The thumb rule to follow when picking up a foundation is for it to be just half a shade lighter. The main aim of a concealer is to make your skin glow, and not two-to three shades lighter.

Rule 2
Camouflaging is not the same as neutralising. For those with wrinkles or acne, use less make-up for better results. Excess foundation or concealer tends to make the skin look cake-y.

Rule 3
Your skin talks to you. Your skin actually glows because of its ability to reflect light. The smoother your skin, the more is the possibility for a natural glow. Try and use a face oil for added radiance.

Rule 4
Blend is your friend. One of the biggest rules to remember while applying make-up is that it may take an extra couple of minutes, but blending makes your make-up look natural and even-toned.

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