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December 11, 2015

Verve Style File: How To Match Your Girl

Text by Saumya Sinha

Verve’s guide for the gentlemen who like to match their sartorial prowess to their ladies’

It’s horribly easy for most men to get workwear-ready, but when thrown into a different setting, they wonder who replaced their good clothes with clones of the gingham shirt. From dinner dates to movie nights and from early brunches to after parties, the transition could be both baffling and demanding. And since your buttoned-up shirt and straight-fit trousers can’t be an answer to everything, we look at some key styles from the leading ladies in fashion and bring you options that’ll complement those looks, with Rare Rabbit’s ageless and quirky offerings. Time to promote your wardrobe and give it a solid new foundation.

What to wear: When airport hopping

Find the products here: 1. Braided belt in beige, 2. Fast shirt, 3. Sorcery black sunglasses, 4. Gazo police pants, 5. Paper bag in blue, 6. Maverick grey leather timepiece.

What to wear: When heading to the club

Find the products here: 1. Clip belt, 2. Habana shirt,  3. Acid dust timepiece, 4. Ceramic golden bow tie, 5. Million black shirt.

What to wear: When out for a brunch

Find the products here: 1. Kinney matte brandy tortoise glasses, 2. Ceramic bow pin in white, 3. Droplet shirt, 4. Nato governor timepiece, 5. Braided belt in black, 6. Gazo navy pants.

What to wear: When on a beach holiday 

Find the products here: 1. Silkroute grey t shirt, 2. Braided belt in grey, 3. Maverick warwick timepiece, 4. Malfoy shorts in aqua, 5. Stargaze matte eyewear in black.

What to wear: When on a dream date

Find the products here: 1. Maverick sweeney timepiece, 2. Ceramic bow pin in silver, 3. ceramic knot tie in black, 4. Gazo white pants, 5. Rich dot navy shirt, 6. Flower ceramic pin in red.

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