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November 25, 2015

Verve Wedding Diaries #24: 8 Ways To Maximise Your Facial

Text by Aparrna Gupta

This is how you can make that bridal glow last longer

Isn’t it surprising when the same facial works differently on different people? Of course it’s a given that each skin type responds uniquely. However, the time you schedule the facial, and what you do post the treatment can determine how long the effects will last. Valerie Culmann who heads the Education & Training at Biguine Beauty shares insider’s notes on how to get the most of your facial appointment:

  1. Plan your facial at a time when sun exposure is low (before 1 pm or after 3 pm) to protect your freshly renewed skin from sun damage.
  2. Complement hydrating facials with generous intake of water after the facial to ensure moisture levels in the skin sustain for longer.
  3. When opting for brightening or intensive facials, use a formulation with higher SPF than your regular sunscreen, post-service for extra protection.
  4. Citrus-infused natural drinks encourage an internal detoxification thereby increasing the efficacy of a cleansing facial.
  5. Visit your spa without make-up or topical creams so that the therapist can consult your skin condition and requirements after seeing it in natural light.
  6. Every facial carries a home care recommendation: even if you don’t choose the suggested skincare brand, follow the line of advice – Retinol products for anti-ageing, cleansers and toners as per your skin type and always a good SPF.
  7. Never wait for the last minute to schedule a facial as skin reacts differently to several factors. Always fix your appointment at least two days prior to the big day.
  8. The secret to a great facial is to add on a scalp massage or an eye service. Relaxed muscles around the eye area, temple and neck areas make you look and feel much more refreshed than with just a facial.

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