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March 23, 2016

The Beauty Junkie’s Holi Survival Kit

Compiled by Wyanet Vaz and Divya Rajsekhar. Inputs by cosmetologist Dr.Jamuna Pai of Blush Clinics

From pre-Holi preparation tips to easy colour-removal tricks, follow our 16 big rules to keeping your skin safe

1. Avoid facials, waxing, threading or laser treatments. Do not undergo any skin peeling treatment just before playing with colour.

2. Due to the toxic content in them, Holi colours can harm the skin and can cause allergies, rashes, and redness. Even dandruff and acne can worsen and cause chronic itching for days after Holi. If you have an existing skin condition, it is better to visit a dermatologist in advance to control the symptoms.

3. Hair exposed to colour can become dull, dry and brittle due to the presence of synthetic dyes. Apply a good amount of oil or conditioner on your hair. After oiling, tie your hair into a bun.

4. Apply oil liberally all over your body prior to exposure to the colours as it will form a protective barrier between the skin and the colour. You can use almond or coconut oil as they are thick in texture.

5. Use sunscreen generously on all exposed areas of your body to further protect your skin from the damage caused by the colours.

6. If you have sensitive and acne prone skin, you should ideally not be playing with colour. Opt for natural non toxic colour. Apply an oil-free moisturising cream on the face before venturing out.

7. For normal or combination skin, apply a waterproof sunscreen on your face along with a drop of baby oil mixed in it. This will act as a barrier and protect the skin.

8. A coat of nail paint applied on your nails before Holi, both on fingers and toes, will help prevent the colour from staining your nails. Pay extra attention to the cuticles as that is where the stains stay for the longest period.

9. To remove Holi colours, rub warm olive oil and lemon juice generously over skin, leave for an hour and bathe again. Do not use kerosene, petrol or spirit to remove stains as this will further dry the skin.

10. For sensitive skin, it is best to use a cleansing milk to gently take off the colour rather than using soap as the latter will further dry the skin. For the body, you can use a gentle body wash. Apply moisturiser as that will help soothe skin and further lighten the colour.

11. After you have washed the colour off, apply hand and feet lotion. Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure the following day to exfoliate the skin and moisturise it as well.

12. Rinse hair with plenty off water to remove the excess colour. Follow it up with mild shampoo. Avoid using very hot water. To ensure that hair is not left dry and damaged, apply a soothing hair mask on towel dried hair for 10 minutes. Rinse it off with cold water and rub in hair serum on the hair shafts.

13. In case of a minor rash apply Lacto Calamine lotion to soothe the skin. Avoid sunlight in case the skin is seriously affected as it will increase the irritation. You can take an anti-allergic tablet to calm the irritation. If it does not settle within 24 hours, it is best to visit a dermatologist.

14. Once the colour has faded a little, you should get a facial done to hydrate and moisturise the skin.

15. Use natural hair masks once a week before washing your hair. Aloe vera gel, curd or olive oil with an egg can be used for the same. A hair spa will also help you tame the dry rough and frizzy hair.

16. Keep yourself well hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Dehydration causes the skin to dry and the colour may seep in further.

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