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September 16, 2014

Starry Starry Highlights with Henry De La Paz

Text by Viseshika Sharma

Verve gets the celebrity treatment

The effervescent Henry De La Paz, Warren Tricomi’s New York-based celebrity stylist is gesticulating wildly as he explains the technique he’s using to a captive audience of in-house stylists. When he tells me he’s been cutting hair since he was 15, I know I can place my tresses in his capable hands, especially since he’s behind the follicular veil of celebrities like Shakira, Emma Stone and Blake Lively. I tell him how much I love the shaded effect in Stone’s hair and in under a minute he has me parked on a chair, my hair whipped into a ponytail, with colouring product painted on.

Having kept my hair chemical-free for the past decade, sombre, the subtle ombré, sounds perfect for dipping my toe in.  20 minutes later, I have my hair blown dry so Henry can use the dry cutting technique that Warren Tricomi is famous for. As he snips off tiny sections of hair, we have the kind of pop culture-rich conversation I miss having with hairdressers in India.

Henry tells me about the different ‘it’ girls whose hair he cuts and colours in the same way. Who knew Alexa Chung and I had so much in common? He brushes off my cape and I’m surprised to see how little hair he’s taken off.  Seeing how my hair is shaped by such subtle cuts, I have to acknowledge Henry’s genius and I know it’s going to be tough going back to non-Madison Avenue-approved stylists.

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