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October 29, 2015

Halloween Beauty Looks That Don’t Need A Costume

Compiled by Wyanet Vaz

Still not ready for Halloween? We’ve thought of 5 easy Halloween beauty looks that should make up for your lack of craft skills

1. Maleficent 

How to get the look 

If you’re looking for a cross between sexy and scary, you’ve got to pick Angelina Jolie as the iconic evil Disney princess. Dab on some heavy foundation, and use your contouring skills to create super sharp cheek bones. A deep red lipstick should wrap up this scare.

2. The Red Queen 

How to get the look

There is nothing fancier that dressing up as the foul-mouthed monarch, with the little heart perched on your lips. Put on sky blue eye shadow, use a bright red for your lips and draw thin eyebrows using a gel eye-liner. If you absolutely want to wing it, use temporary red hair spray and get your nasty on!

3. Wednesday Addams 

How to get the look 

The easiest scare is obviously the no-make look. Okay, we’re kidding! Dress up as Wednesday Addams, braid your hair and make sure you don’t miss those signature arches on your forehead. Dab on some nude make-up and do the snap.

4. Black Swan 

How to get the look 

If dressing up as a princess is too mainstream for you, you could work the Natalie Portman look from Black Swan. Use a light foundation as your base, and try out a glittering extended cat eye. Pick plum for your lip colour, and swirl the night away.

5. Corpse Bride 

How to get the look 

The blue-tinted Emily is a creative pick for a Halloween costume. Use blue eye shadow over your foundation to get the corpse look. Apply pink lip colour and binge on mascara.


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