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April 23, 2015

Glam Packed: Drashta Sarvaiya

Compiled by Huzan Tata

Verve unravels the travel secrets of the fashion set, dipping into their cherished wish lists, memorable experiences and must-have accessories

Always in her bag iPhone, Ray-Ban aviators, DKNY Green Apple perfume, a Marc Jacobs tote, a GoPro to take great wide-angle photos, and her diary and pen, because “you never know when you will run into Benedict Cumberbatch!”

On her wish list Marlborough tote bag, make-up kit and printed scarf from Liberty London, Adidas 80s Superstar Rose Gold Toe sneakers and a Daniel Wellington Classic Glasgow Lady watch.

Next stamp on her passport London — “it has a special place in my heart for its fusion of cultures, warm people and endless possibilities to be amused by its art, culture and fashion.”

Memorable travel experiences Learning to surf in Cape Town, and ice-skating in London during Christmas.

She can’t get enough of “Cape Town tops the chart for its stunning blue shores and white sand; Koh-Tao (in Thailand) for its beautiful beaches, and Kerala for its authentic cuisine and warm waters.”

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