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March 29, 2016

Get Your Own Personalised Louboutins!

Text by Saumya Sinha

Find out how you can stay one step ahead…

Christian Louboutin celebrates his love for India with bridal services which are dedicated towards making weddings grander than they are. The French shoe designer’s first flagship store in Mumbai offers the Bridal bespoke, Tattoo and made-to-measure services that let the betrothed design their own shoes which will complement their trousseau. We loved the use of fine embroidery, beads and delicate thread-work on the shoes. Personalisation just got brighter!

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1. Bridal bespoke:

WHAT: This service is exclusive to India and offers shoppers a selection of pre-existing styles, colours and fabrics that can be matched to create their very own personal combination. The final pair of shoes can also be embellished with their partner’s initials, date of the wedding, auspicious symbols, or embroidery inspired from their sari.

WHERE: The service is available at the wedding suite at their Mumbai flagship store.

HOW: From selection to delivery, the process takes 8-12 weeks.

2. Tattoo

WHAT: The exquisite art of fine embroidery and a deep appreciation for craftsmanship are integral parts of Christian Louboutin’s designs and the Tattoo service was born from the designer’s admiration for the art of tattooing. This creative service that caters to both men and women will allow customer’s own tattoos (which cannot be sourced but must be designed) to be interpreted as fine embroideries on a pair of shoes, creating a unique and personalised pair. An in-house expert will listen to the preferences of the customers, study their designs and walk them through each step of the process.

HOW: From sculpting the cast of the client’s foot to providing the final piece, the complete process takes about three months. From the day of order to the finished product, the shoes will have travelled through the expert hands of artisans in Italy and India before finally being received by the new owners.

WHERE: This service is exclusively available at Christian Louboutin’s wedding suite in Mumbai.

3. Made-to-measure:

WHAT: The made-to-measure process is unique and utterly luxurious, one-of-a-kind shoes are created specifically and meticulously from personal measurements, and crafted with care by a number of expert hands. Some women seek out the service to realize a vision for a special occasion. Others desire the Louboutin look with unique-to-their-foot modifications, whether by way of a wider body, narrower toe box, or a higher pitch.

WHERE: The client’s footwear wishes are brought to life by Christian Louboutin’s elite artisans in Paris. After an initial consultation in the Bridal suite, every client’s journey to her perfectly sculpted shoes begins with a trip to the Atelier, located in Paris’ 1st arrondissement, near the original boutique opened by Christian Louboutin in late 1991.

HOW: The Atelier director measures each foot by hand at more than a dozen key points before the client steps into foam moulds, creating detailed, three-dimensional imprints of the soles of her feet. The precision is key: it has to be worked on painstakingly, millimetre by millimetre — in order to ensure every client enjoys an exact fit. No shoe leaves the Atelier without Christian Louboutin’s personal stamp of approval. The entire process, start to finish, takes an average of one year to complete, depending on how readily a client may reach the Paris Atelier.

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