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July 10, 2013

A Beautiful Summer

Text by Viseshika Sharma.

Verve chats with Guerlain International Make-up Artist Gary Cooper about how the brand’s offerings work for India

What are Guerlain’s trends for Summer 2013?
We’re going for fresh colours. Green is prevalent at the moment. We have lovely eyeshadows in different shades of green, from mint to olive. Light lipsticks and bright glosses, like pink and mango. Orange and coral are other shades to watch out for.

What products can keep make-up fresh in humid Indian summers?
Guerlain make-up bases are good for prolonging your make-up. Our Météorites primer, L’Or base and Shine Control mist are all good for using after your skincare routine, they all help in keeping your make-up fresh. Our new Terracotta powders are perfect to wear in the hot summer, especially for our Indian clientele.

Why does bronzer work well for the Indian woman?
It is tailor-made for Indian skin. Guerlain doesn’t believe that bronzers should tan you. They’re just supposed to give you a healthy sun-kissed look. Different bronzers also have to be applied differently and you can get guidance at the counters. You apply some, like theTerracotta 4 Seasons, in a figure-3 motion – from the temples, to the cheeks and then along the jawline – all the high points of the face, for sculpting. Nobody can imitate the Terracotta – the compacting method is a well-kept secret. Complement the complexion with eyes defined by a liquid eyeliner, because you have such lovely big eyes here.

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