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March 16, 2016

#FirstLook: Abraham & Thakore At AIFW Autumn Winter 2016

Text by Tanisha Choudhury

Take a peek at Abraham & Thakore’s upcoming collection for AIFW…

For their Autumn Winter 2016 collection, to be shown as a part of the Grand Finale of Amazon India Fashion Week, Abraham & Thakore have reinterpreted the kedia jacket – traditionally worn by the shepherds of Rajasthan and Gujarat. In a quick chat, they tell us why they picked the silhouette…

1. What made you pick the kedia or peasant jackets from Rajasthan and Gujarat?
“With ‘India Modern’ as the concept we were looking for a traditional Indian silhouette that would lend itself to a modern fashion wardrobe and that has the flexibility to be worn in different ways.​ The kedia is a menswear garment — the shepherds’ jacket in Gujarat and Rajasthan – and it is a shape we have enjoyed working with.”

2. Tell us about the fabrics and textiles used in the collection.
​”We have used khadi and mulmul​ and combined them with metallics.​”

3. What was the process of designing the collection?
“​As we researched the silhouettes we also had to find the correct fabrics that would express the concept. We started with the jacket as the central idea and played with different silhouettes and proportions to give it a contemporary fashion sensibility.​”

4. What piece or look from the collection would you recommend to people?
“​We would recommend the kedia to be worn as a top or tunic. It can be combined with trousers, skirts and even be worn with a sari.”

Below is an exclusive sketch from the collection:

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