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March 18, 2016

#FirstLook: Eka’s Autumn Winter 2016 Collection

Text by Tanisha Choudhury

Designer Rina Singh takes us through the process of designing the latest Eka collection…

Eka’s Autumn Winter 2016 collection to be shown at Amazon India Fashion Week is an experiment in metallic surfaces, polka dots and sharp stripes. Below are exclusive images from the typically earthy collection.

The designer, Rina Singh spoke to us about her artistic inspirations, her textile innovations and more…

1. What was your inspiration this season?
“I strongly feel that the future lies in the hands of human intuition with creativity at its core. The need is to regain and reconnect with our instinct. In a world that’s going more and more technical everyday, it’s time to revive our primitive spirit and go back full circle to nurture the instinct. The AW 2016 theme explores design with this intention.”

2. What are some of the key pieces that you would recommend to people?
“A sweet little polka dot dress in jacquard wool, with a boxy short jacket that is dramatic at the curves. Also a soft, washed silk overdress with front tie-up in charcoal with a rugged, polka dotted, cocoon-shaped, linen dress.”

3. What was the point of origin for the collection?
“I had a few art references. Philippe Decrauzat’s work, which is slow and straightforward, inspired the colour palette and patterns. Artist Jeppe Hein experiments with mirrors – playing with image and identity, he highlights the role of perception in the development of the human psyche. The use of metallics in the artworks of Alfonso Artiaco and John Paul Phillips inspires the layered opulence.

4. What was the process of designing the collection?
“I am a designer that works primarily on textiles and surfaces every season as a starting point and then I grow the textures together to formulate looks for a new season. This season the textiles: stripes, circles, polka prints, chambray textures in wool and silk-linen blends, linen with strong interwoven metallic stripes combined with herringbone lustrous surfaces are inspired by the artworks.”

5. What are the textiles and techniques used in this collection?
“Polka block prints in a mix of metallic and matte colours on chambray linens, merino wool, silks, blends of wool, linen and cottons, broad and narrow stripes with zari inserts, boiled merino wool in heavy twill patterns and jacquard polka dots that are blurred and without a boundary are some of the textiles developed.”

6. Is there a name for the collection?
“It is called .full circle.full stop.”

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