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June 16, 2017

Fendi’s Latest Short Film Is An Ode To Marie Antoinette

Girl’s Secret promises to leave fashionistas lusting for a decadent night out with their gang of girls…

In September last year, Fendi brought a modern-day Marie Antoinette to life in hatchling necklines and knitted sock boots, reminiscent of 18th-century fashion. Taking their Spring/Summer 2017 collection’s rococoesque opulence to the next level, the brand just released a short film Girl’s Secret featuring Sigrid Bouaziz who plays the French queen. The actor and her entourage are seen wearing some of the key pieces from Pre Fall 2017 and the current line including the latest Can Eye sunglasses that come in ladylike, oversized shapes with stud details and a hint of colour, the Rockoko shoes and the Kan I bag. Fun, colourful and dramatic, the range is reflective of Antoinette’s personality — she who was known for her extravagant ways and vivacious aura.

Set in an intimate atmosphere where the Italian brand’s femininity, kawaii vibes and 18th-century art de vivre collide, the film portrays a fictional tale of Antoinette, the inspiration behind the collection. Directed by Rebecca Zlotowski, the movie tells of a fun night in Paris where the French monarch wanders around the city with her girlfriends, from sunset to dawn.

It begins with Antoinette indulging in a bath followed by getting ready in what seems like a walk-in closet replete with an arsenal of clothes and accessories. She adjusts her coiffure and picks her favourite outfit, ditching the robe à la polonaise for a blush-hued dress. Drawing one into the mystery of the night, the story proceeds under dark skies, with Bouaziz hitting the road with her entourage. Set in a neon-lit bowling alley, it’s a while before the fun comes to an end. From a covetable selection of posh clothing to painting the town red in high-octane fashion, Fendi sure knows how to leave its fans spoilt for choice.

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