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March 16, 2016

Fendi’s Spring Summer 2016 Collection Decoded

Text by Saumya Sinha

Its avant-garde combos of silhouettes and craftsmanship are unabashed rule-breakers

Playsuits as the hot new trend may not be groundbreaking but when Fendi sends out its version, you sit up and take note. Leaving all inspirations and references behind, the current collection pursues the new, but with its legendary artisanship and techniques. ‘The Spring/Summer ’16 line is based on opposites, where the feminine side meets the tougher side of a woman,’ says Silvia Venturini Fendi, creative director for menswear and accessories at the fashion house.

Right at the onset of the show, the arrival of poppy reds kicks in the spring vibe, followed by a parade of mini-bloomers, patchwork pockets, cut-out dresses and suiting separates adorned by billowing sleeves. Shades of blue in kaleidoscopic patterns, army greens and blacks follow as the line-up unleashes conversation-starting quirk. Further accentuating the palette are corals and burgundies on puff-shouldered sleeves and yokes reminiscent of the ’80s. A visible romantic touch comes to life with the Victorian influence putting a huge focus around the neck with almost-chin-grazing collars. Bigger is better seems to be the underlying message from the fashion house.

Swiftly gliding into new aesthetics, the brand does what it does best — surprise us. Fabrics like chiffon and silk cotton replace hard leathers and suede as seen in the last spring/summer collection. The ruches, whipstitches and woven details modernise the numbers. Most importantly, this line plays with proportions and androgyny, juxtaposing the past with the future.

The accessories too play with Fendi’s dualism idea. Leather floral adornments on bags, belts, and harness tops are spotted. The new bag — the Dotcom — structured and functional, is two bags in one. It consists of a small flat pouch which can be used individually too. The new micro double Baguette follows suit with one side in plain leather or python skin and the other side embroidered; versatility at its very best. Strap You, a strap that can be bought separately, is the new accessory offered by the brand for bags. It is a highlight among the accoutrements. You can choose it in many different versions — with colours or embellishments, with flowers, stitching or beading.

Fendi’s new line is nothing short of a nouveau edge and is meant for the woman who is fearless when it comes to challenging herself with fashion’s latest offerings. With avant-garde combos of silhouettes and craftsmanship, this collection is for and by the rule-breakers. It celebrates the unabashed spirit of fashion and gives us a glimpse of things to come, not just from the brand but also in terms of trends, and we’re all eyes!

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