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November 27, 2017

Why Designer Payal Khandwala Revels In Her Unique Sense Of Style

Text by Saumya Sinha. Photograph by Prateek Patel

“My clothes don’t have to be oversized, anti-fit, anti-anything, nor do they have to be androgynous”

“I always dressed a little differently from others in India because I lived in New York for eight years. I went to art school, so all that influenced me. When I came back, I started to wear lots of things that I bought from flea markets — vintage-like embroidered jackets from Iran, which I paired with jeans. I’ve had silver jewellery for many years; I have collected saris for several years too.”

“My style is definitely comfort-driven because I am quite informal and I think that my style reflects a little bit of that. I am quite practical. I am not into glamour necessarily or the typically sexy clothes, that is not really my thing. To me, style is really a state of mind. But I do like things to be dramatic, luxurious and beautiful.”

“My clothes don’t have to be oversized, anti-fit, anti-anything, nor do they have to be androgynous. Even if it’s the simplest thing, I always want it to have that little bit of extra, something that makes you stop and look. Proportion is important. That’s a big part of my design process.”

“I like intense colours. I also like colours that I think work well on Indian skin tones. It also comes back to colours I would wear. So, for instance, now — in the new collection that we have done — we have introduced dusty colours, and mint blues. But I’d never use peach for example. I don’t know if I’ll ever make a peach anything.”

“My wardrobe is quite elaborate, but oddly enough when I come to work, I wear pretty much the same thing. If I were to have a capsule wardrobe that I could live in I would have one pair of trousers, jeans for sure because they are a no-brainer and are great travel companions, white tank tops, saris, a brocade lehnga, some fitted shirts and now my little sari which is my new thing. Overall, it would be pretty basic.”

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