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February 27, 2017

Exclusive: Givenchy Captures the Scent of Sesame

Text by Wyanet Vaz

The experience of an ancient condiment in its modern and seductive form. Verve gets the first whiff…

Scheherazade was the first person to give the sesame superhuman powers. In her tales that spanned one thousand and one nights, she provided Ali Baba with the magic words ‘Open Sesame’. In reality, sesame seeds are thought to be the world’s oldest condiments and the ideal base for making exotic perfumes, a practice that dates back to the Babylonians circa 2100 to 689 BCE.

Re-imagining the scent of sesame, Givenchy’s latest addition to Ange ou Demon from 2006 and Ange Ou Demon Le Secret from 2009 is L’Ange Noir — literally meaning black angel. The scent has a powdery character that builds up from the fresh notes of bergamot, pink pepper and almond. As you begin to get the whiff of white iris, you can also experience a certain saltiness that is characteristic of black sesame that lies at the heart of this perfume. Warm tones of tonka bean and amber linger on.

The perfume’s sharp-edged lacquered body comes with a sparkling gradient and haptic effect. Givenchy, known to create imaginative bottles impresses with this version that seems like a flacon you would most likely find in the boudoir of the Black Swan.

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