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December 06, 2020

Exclusive: Charting the making of the Roulis Eperon d’or, the latest addition to Hermès’ legion of handbags

Text by Avani Thakkar

The purveyor of luxury delves into cutting-edge technology to begin screen-printing on its famed leather handbags

Upholders of opulence and exemplary craftsmanship, French luxury house Hermès is a perennial presence in the conversations surrounding globally coveted creations. Makers of iconic handbags, exquisite ranges of printed silk adornments and small leather goods that combine sophistication with functionality, Hermès has ensured that every purchase is an exclusive affair.

Fashion idols Jane Birkin, the French singer and actor, and Grace Kelly, princess of Monaco, inspired eponymous styles, and the extensive waiting lists in place prior to their acquisition have made no secret of the fact that the in-demand Birkin and Kelly bags, often regarded as “investment pieces”, are designed in limited numbers.

Hermès’ offerings are further elevated with classy silk accessories for men and women – scarves, twillys, ties, pocket squares and stoles – that are illustrated in their distinctive prints. From dreamlike lands and mischievous leopards to royal carriages and mythical creatures, no source of inspiration is off-limits, and it eventually shapes the overarching story behind the design. Trends are waived in favour of unconventional patterns and motifs, piquing the interest of those who wish to add these intricately crafted works of art to their wardrobes. Most popular is Hermès’ versatile collection of silk scarves (also known as the “carré” or “square”), which are marked by hand-rolled edges and come in multiple sizes – wrap the fabric around your neck, transform into a makeshift belt, wear it as a bandana or use it to give your handbag an enviable makeover.

The fashion industry and its enthusiasts are constantly on the lookout for the next state-of-the-art innovation made by the house, and with such an illustrious history of designing timeless style symbols, Hermès makes sure to never disappoint. In tandem with this sentiment, high-resolution screen-printing on leather is the latest technique to be perfected by the French brand. Nothing less than a challenging feat, the printer is reworked to adapt each design in a manner that reproduces the accurate depth and gradient of different shades.

Buyers can safely dismiss any concerns regarding the alteration of leather quality because Hermès guarantees that the fabric’s initial qualities such as robustness, suppleness, sheen and grainy texture are retained. It is then left in the capable hands of the cutter and the saddler-leatherworker, who are tasked with matching every piece of printed leather to recreate the original pattern.

Images courtesy: Studio des Fleurs

The existing classic, which received an upgrade through this technical manoeuvre is the maison’s Roulis bag – a practical cross-body with alluring chain detailing that complements its sturdy build. Those familiar with Hermès’ signature design will recognise the quintessential anchor chain that graces virtually every product – jewellery, belts, bags, watches and more. Robert Dumas (son-in-law of Émile Hermès) can be credited for bringing this emblem in the spotlight in 1938, inspired by the links that form the anchor chains of boats. It first came to life as part of the anatomy of the elegant Chaîne d’ancre bracelet and now appears in a stretched, contemporary version on the Roulis bag.

So what sets the screen-printed adaptation of this arm-candy, tagged as the Roulis Eperon d’or bag, apart? It’s the ultimate synergy of practicality and chicness, borrowing vivid motifs from the well-known Eperon d’or scarf designed by Henri d´Origny. An elaborate yet coordinated composition of loops, buckles, metal, spurs and whips – this design demands more than a single glance for true appreciation of its equestrian spirit. If you’re on the lookout for a statement piece, pick the striking red Roulis handbag that is imprinted with the motifs in pops of blue and adorned with a gold chain link that acts as the regal finishing touch. For dealing with the monotony of everyday routine, the modest brown colourway with navy and white motifs, not to mention the addition of a revamped chain link in tones of silver, is ideal.

The Roulis Eperon d’or is all set to be the newest member of the brand’s bevy of sought-after handbags. It is the reiteration that amalgamates Hermès’ greatest assets into one cosmic accessory – the anchor chain clasp, motifs belonging to the Eperon d’or scarf, the Roulin bag’s beauty, the brand’s penchant for creativity and the unparalleled handiwork that lends it its superior quality. If exclusivity had a destination, it would undoubtedly be Hermès.

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