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June 06, 2017

Eva Longoria Shares A Page From Her Beauty Diary

Compiled by Wyanet Vaz

The fashionista’s biggest beauty fix, her go-to products and more…

You don’t leave home without
As I was growing up, my mother was very particular about wearing sunscreen regularly. I use a sunblock with SPF 30 daily because I am constantly on the move. In fact, I make sure to apply it before I put on my foundation to protect my skin and prevent wrinkles.

Biggest beauty fix
I love colouring my hair and trying different styles. Thanks to my genes though, I have a tendency to get greys quickly. So it’s hardly two weeks and the greys start peaking out! My go-to product in such times is L’Oréal Paris’ Magic Retouch Concealer Spray. It covers greys in three seconds – just open, shake and spray, and I’m good to go! It’s my favorite beauty quickie!

Evening ritual
I am constantly wearing makeup. As much as I love it, I can’t wait to take it off when I am home. I make it a point to remove every bit of it at the end of the day. My night routine includes using a cleanser which contains Vitamin C. It not only clears my face but also moisturises it at the same time. It’s a must for me!

Hero product
If there is one product I would want for the rest of my life, it’s my mascara! I have to use it without fail, every day.

On a timeout
With my constant professional commitments, I have to travel a lot and it requires me to be always on the move. But the one thing I always make sure to take time out for are my facials! I think it’s the perfect routine to breathe some life back to my face and it moisturises and hydrates my face too.

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