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November 05, 2014

On The Dior Trail

Text by Nisha Jhangiani

Watching a live fashion show of luxe calibre is usually enough to create welcome frissons of excitement, but when you’re invited backstage to view the going-ons start to finish, the adrenalin rush reaches a level you crave to be at more often…. Verve decodes the drama at Dior

“Alright everybody, back to your stations! Beige inside the eyes; remember that kids!” Pat McGrath, make-up director for the Dior show is the headmaster in charge, voice booming, laughter booming an octane higher, high-fiving her coterie of artistes, keeping the momentum going in order to execute an exceedingly complicated look that comprises paint, pigment, glitter and overall surgical precision. The models have just returned backstage post a quick catwalk rehearsal and Pat is regrouping her forces, even as an usher yells to the hair stylists, “Go get your girls, they won’t come to you – they will all be out smoking!” In all this brouhaha, the model group glides seamlessly from lunch table (spread out with salmon filled mini baguettes, fruit cups, sandwiches, salads and a selection of beverages) to their ipods and their designated stations, patiently allowing a glistening, glossy, almost gooey winged eye to be applied on to their eyelid even as Guido Palau’s herd of hair stylists slicken, straighten and sculpt their hair to a shimmering cascade of poker straight tresses.

Oh, the animal magnetism of Rihanna. Surprisingly early, she swishes her red fur this way and that, seducing the photographers and guests alike. She’s dressed in head to toe Dior, naturally, just as media darling Jessica Alba is, the latter more French chic in her black ‘Bar’ jacket pantsuit. Fashion industry bigwigs liberally dot the lawns of Musée Rodin, strolling in to the show area and a heady mix of Dior fashion is represented in the wardrobe choices of the day made by buyers, editors and public relations professionals. Anyone who said watching the show is easier than walking the show needs to take a good look at this FROW (front-row) line-up; not a hair out of place, with perfectly retouched blush and an ensemble that’s runway worthy – this is the guest list that’s as gawk-worthy as the collection we are about to see.

Raf Simons’ clean, graphic vision shines through again – tailored coats and jackets, linear silhouettes and some interesting elements – super soled dual tone pumps with a rubberised effect, corseted lacing on dresses that takes part inspiration from Victorian times and the rest from a more contemporary sporty space, long ruffle-ended scarves that serve as a dimensional layer to the garment. Black, grey, camel, ivory, teal, candy pink, buttercup yellow, royal blue – it’s a kaleidoscopic maze of hues that starts with the clothes and reasserts itself on acid yellow and tie-dyed bags, as well as ebony and pistachio combinations on shoes. And then you have the delicate rose motif bangle tying it all together along with sheer, embroidered sheaths that culminate what is a sometimes feminine, sometimes sophisticated and overall bang on target collection.

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