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October 11, 2018

Day 1 Of Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week Threw Up Some Questions

Did the Indo-Australian project that was intended to promote sustainability, authenticity and social change really succeed in doing that? Varun Rana is skeptical

The Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week this time around is reduced to four days instead of the usual five, every day is nonetheless designed to have its highlights. For the first day, it was the Indo-Australian Project, in which five Australian designers worked with Indian handloom weavers to create capsule collections that were shown in a single show. And I have a problem with this.

First, handloom-woven Benarasi, ikat, and tangail textiles were never meant to be cut up and stitched into dresses. These weaves don’t lend themselves to stitching, and are meant to be draped. Second, the fact that these designers used traditional Indian textiles for these capsule collections (five to seven garments only; the most number of garments was 11, made by Romance Was Born) does not mean they will continue to use these fabrics in the future. The weavers are not getting any steady business out of this one-time collaboration. Third, there was no deep design innovation that added to or changed the weave or the fabric per se. Did the weaver really take anything away from this apart from a few Instagram mentions?

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