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September 03, 2014

Sole Seduction at the Club Olympus Spa

Text by Shraddha Jahagirdar-Saxena

A leisurely morning session at the Club Olympus Spa at the Hyatt Regency Delhi sets the tone for the day

  • Beauty Spa, Club Olympus Spa
  • Beauty Spa, Club Olympus Spa

On a visit to New Delhi, work takes up the most part of the first day – I decide to launch the second one with a relaxing session at the Club Olympus Spa & Fitness. So, post an early breakfast and an hour spent reading in my room, I make my way to the spa that is located by the poolside of the Hyatt Regency Delhi where I am staying for the weekend.

I walk in and peep gingerly into the Hy-Energy fitness studio before moving on towards the wellness area that subtly oozes tranquility – voices are hushed and the therapists move around noiselessly. I am greeted by a smiling young lady who sits me down to figure out my regimen for the morning. I review the holistic offerings that range from traditional massages to reflexology sessions, spoilt for choice.

Given my time constraint – and listening to the call of my soles – I opt for the Oriental Foot Massage. The therapist explains that this works on the various pressure points of the feet to balance energy flow and enhance immunity and re-balance the internal functions and establish a healthy equilibrium of the mind and body.

Calmed by the gentle strains of the soft music, I glide into the therapy room to find myself in a serene space. I change into the appointed garb and lie down on the bed, stretching languidly before I do so. I shut my eyes and prepare to waft off into a peaceful state as the therapist begins to gently massage my feet. The therapist uses soft, aromatic oils that aid relaxation. I can feel my limbs being soothed – the knots and aches are kneaded away – even as she picks the pressure points to balance the energy flow. Even though I have not worked out, I can feel my stressed muscles easing slowly – their discomfort noticeably reduced. I wriggle my toes in involuntary pleasure, almost curling them up as my senses are slowly invigorated.

Post this scent-sual massage, the therapist takes a few minutes to give me a shoulder and head ritual – shoulders that have cramped up by long hours at my workstation – I sense the relief emanating downwards to my fingertips as the sweet seduction continues. I leave the relaxing ritual feeling like my batteries have been completely recharged – this seems to be all I need to bring me back to fighting form!

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