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March 18, 2016

Closet Confessions: Rouble Nagi

The artist and curator talks to us about her style secrets and favourite stores at Palladium

A member of the India Design Council, and founder of an art foundation and a design studio, Rouble Nagi is an award-winning artist who holds to her credit over 800 murals. A connoisseur, curator and collector, she promotes talent and artists from all over the world. Her work has been appreciated by a wide spectrum of art lovers.

Mostly I visit Zara, Burberry and Kiehl’s at Palladium.”

If I had to put an ensemble together, I’d head to Burberry for an outfit, and to Gucci for shoes and a bag.”

To keep it simple would be the best style advice that I have received.”

Clothing can create illusion and allure. I always feel that it’s better to be elegant than trendy…. Whenever in doubt, go simple and classic. And most importantly, a smile is a woman’s best asset and should be worn liberally and unabashedly. It is all about attitude in the end.”

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