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March 11, 2016

Chanel Ready-To-Wear Fall Winter 2016-2017 Decoded

Text by Tanisha Choudhury. Images courtesy of Chanel.

At the #FrontRowOnly show, Lagerfeld took Chanel back to its roots…

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This collection by Lagerfeld was a nostalgic one, in that it included all the motifs that define the glory days of Chanel. However, they were all re-interpreted in a modern context. While it included the classic tweed suit tailored for women and lots of black and white, the edges of the suits were frayed and some were accompanied by waterproof jackets. The mood was elegant, elevated streetwear – as it has been at many shows this season. The Chanel woman was less delicate and more street-wise and weather-ready — with gabardine trenches, padded leather hoodies and quilted jackets with drawstrings. There were also slight touches of whimsy, our favourite being Lagerfeld’s cat printed on a skirt.

There were accessories galore, and each more covetable than the next! There were flat riding boots, padded boater hats with dangling chin straps, plenty of studded cuffs, strings of pearls worn almost as scarves and a few camelias here and there.

The set

After the Chanel airport, casino, supermarket and Roman movie set among others, Lagerfeld took Chanel back to its roots. He also made showgoers extremely happy in the process. This year’s collection was showcased at the Grand Palais, but instead of a gargantuan set, there was just some white carpet and gold chairs. They had a #FrontRowOnly policy, which meant that the chairs were arranged such that every guest had a front row seat. The set was made to recreate the couture salons of old. In fact, it was exactly how Mademoiselle Chanel showed her collections in the Fifties. One could say it was Lagerfeld’s answer to the current trend of runway-to-store retailing of fashion.

Beauty behind-the-scenes:

#FrontRowOnly action:

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