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May 05, 2016

Chanel’s Cruise 2016-2017 Collection Decoded

Text by Wyanet Vaz

The ever-evolving Karl Lagerfeld gave Cuba its first fashion show, with a collection that was as colourful as its colonial backdrop

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Bringing forward his A-game, Karl Lagerfeld was the first to present a fashion show at Paseo Del Prado, one of Havana’s oldest avenues. Inspired by the colourful colonial buildings, cultural richness, and opening up of travel sanctions in Cuba, Chanel chose the Instagram-worthy location to showcase their cruise collection. Prado was redesigned by a French architect in 1928. His eight iconic bronze lion statues helped the brand blend with the colonial decor, as any Chanel fan would guess its sheer resemblance to Coco Chanel’s famous lion heads. They chartered over 170 vintage cars to transport their guests to the tropical venue, where every item of furniture and decorative object was hand made by Cuban craftsmen and women.

This season’s major silhouette is touted to be the blend of masculine and feminine styles. We loved Chanel’s idea of ‘boyish femininity’ that was reiterated with long masculine jackets worn over wide trousers, and denim suits paired with adorable shorts. Dresses with scooped necklines and pencil skirts came with playful prints of the Buick, Oldsmobile and Cadillac in candy shades. The show’s must-have was the printed tee that read ‘Viva Coco Libre’.

Known for his meticulous attention to detail, Karl Lagerfeld stuck to the Cuban colour palette of yellow, coral and turquoise. Taking the inspiration a notch further, you’ll also spot accessories shaped like cigar boxes, crocheted backpacks, and soft bundle bags with local snail patterns. As the cruise wardrobe goes, this is Chanel’s comeback as the go-to vacation-wear for luxe travellers.

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