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December 24, 2015

Why Gifting Candles Is Not A Bad Idea At All!

Aparrna Gupta

Want to transform your home into a spa-like haven? Light a candle!

Imagine this: You have returned home after a long day at work, feeling all drained out and your head feels like it will explode. Instead of reaching out for that pain killer, try lighting a blue-coloured candle. Candles have the power to magically uplift the mood of a room by radiating fiery energy or chi into the atmosphere. Across different cultures there has been a practice since ancient ages to light a candle. In Zoroastrian, fire is worshipped and it is believed that it helps in creating an auspicious omen in the place that it is lit. Hinduism believes that lighting a diya at dusk keeps evil spirits away. The sight of melting wax is hypnotic and relaxing, and often used as tool in the world of alternative healing.

“The connection with a flickering flame unravels a spiritual experience, evoking the mind to reach a deeper state of meditation and calm. To intensify their effect, you can opt for aromatic ones, available at good perfumeries. Most five-star spas have signature scented candles, especially created for them, as candles are truly therapeutic,” states Hayley-Louise Dack, Director at The Imperial Spa and Salon, New Delhi. Also, a practising colour therapist, she believes that the colour energy of the candle relates to each of the seven spectrum colours, namely, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. “This resonates with the energy of each of the seven main chakras/energy centres of the body. Pay attention to the gravitation towards a certain colour, as this is indicative of what our mind is telling us that we need. Well being is achieved by a balance of all these energies,” adds Dack.
Here’s an express guide on what each colour stands for:

Red is the colour of life, associated with the sun and fire. Red increases the heart beat (pulse), raises blood pressure and the rate of breathing. No wonder it is always a prop for a romantic setting. It also energises you to achieve fame and success.

Orange represents both empathy and sympathy, and lighting these candles help heal signs of depression and pessimism. On a day that you are feeling low, this is the colour to turn to.

As the brightest of the colours that are commonly used in colour therapy, yellow reflects light in all directions, and gives the feelings of detachment and liberation. This vibrant hue cancels out feelings of heaviness or oppression.

As green brings about a gentle harmonising effect, it is the colour associated with concentration. Light an emerald-toned candled if you are looking for inspiration to work on a particularly trying office project.

Blue is said to have the power of putting our bodies and mind in a state of peace and rest. It also has pain alleviating benefits, so light one to get relief from headaches, stomach aches and muscle cramps.

Indigo assists in one’s intuitive powers. Due to its calming and cooling effect, it is also effective in cases of addiction.

Violet is universally accepted as the spiritual colour, and is associated with meditation. As it has a generally calming effect, it is used to calm frayed nerves especially when a person is overtly distraught and high-strung.

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