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September 23, 2019

Braids, Bows And Buns: A Look At The Hair Trends For Fall 2019

Take inspiration for your next haircut from the runways of fall/winter 2019, where we tracked simple, sleek and sophisticated hairstyles for the coming season.

It is relieving to see the big, bold ’80s hairstyles take a backseat this season. Instead, what we get is an exciting mix of messy buns, low-key ponytails and braids in all sizes. “If we talk about the hair trends for Autumn/Winter 2019-20, it is evident that the hairstyles will be smart and effortless with a sophisticated structure. Hair products such as gel, mousse or hairspray will be the masters of the season,” says Michel Baltazar, Creative Director Training & Education at Jean-Claude Biguine Salon & Spa, India. Also, don’t forget to top it up with eclectic hair accessories of all kinds – from crystal hairclips and chainmail headbands to metal barrettes and velvet bow ties. Here is a low-down of the hottest hair trends for the coming season along with expert tips from Baltazar.

All tied up
Trend: Braids and ponytails

The length of your hair won’t matter when it comes to braids. From tiny and strong plaits to preppy pigtails, it is the season to experiment. The classic low ponytail also makes a comeback. “To make a statement with a low ponytail, comb your hair back, put gel on the upper portion and the length to make it super glossy. This ultra-minimalist version is perfect for an effortless result. Additionally, you can accessorise with ribbons, scarves or any kind of hair jewellery,” adds Baltazar.

The new wave
Trend: Soft curls

Remember beach waves? Well, the 2019 version is sleeker and more natural. Baltazar says, “The new wave hairstyle is not curly or wavy. It is just a light scrunched-up look for your tresses, making them look more subtle and soft. To get the look at home, use mousse on wet hair, twist, dry and you are done!”

Haute mess
Trend: Hair buns

Buns are a great way to draw attention towards your face and your outfit. It looks neat, fierce at times, and keeps your hair in place. What we are looking forward to are the twisted buns and semi hair updos. “There are many variations of the bun that are trending this season but all of them come in a more organic, natural version. Wear a high bun like a ballerina to lengthen your frame or opt for a low, messy bun for a more rock-mantic version,” suggests Baltazar.

More is more
Trend: Essential accessories

You don’t need a special occasion to pull out those barrettes, hair bows and fascinators. Dress up your hair with the choicest of accessories and stack them up all together if possible. “Go for XL versions of everything – large headbands, ribbons made of luxe materials such as satin, velvet or metal, hairpins adorned with XL letters and logos. I hope to see all of these on your heads.”

It’s only natural
Trend: Hair colour

When it comes to dyeing your tresses, opt for something that is closer to your natural hair colour rather than a high contrast look. “We always say that the natural shade works best. We can slightly modify it by accentuating with highlights. For those looking for a change, natural red tones are very trendy. Balayage is for those who need a lighter effect. Pastel shades continue to have a good future,” concludes Baltazar.

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