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July 12, 2016

Bobbi Brown On Being Pretty and Powerful

Text by Aparrna Gupta

In an exclusive interview with Verve, make-up maestro Bobbi Brown discusses how women should embrace their inner confidence to shine from within

Who is the Bobbi Brown woman?
“The Bobbi Brown woman is someone who is comfortable in her skin. Whether she goes out without a stitch of make-up on or with a full face, her real beauty is reflected in how she feels about herself.”

How do you think make-up empowers women?
“Beauty is about embracing what you have naturally — not conforming to an unobtainable standard or looking exactly like everyone else. Use the right tools and make-up knowledge to celebrate your own inner confidence — and look and feel your best in the process.”

Tell us some ways to master the natural look?
“Natural doesn’t mean completely bare-faced or not wearing colour. The secret is to choose shades that are similar in tone to your complexion — for example, eyeshadows that mimic the natural colouring of your eyelids and lipsticks that look like your lips. If a nude shade looks ashy, it’s too light for you. If it looks muddy, the shade is too dark.”

What is your power look?
“I carry concealer, a foundation stick, blush and lip gloss to get an effortlessly ‘put-together’ look. First I put concealer under my eyes to help cover up dark circles. Then I apply foundation stick to any areas that might need some extra coverage, usually around the nose and under the eyes. Blush is the epitome of instant pretty; go for a shade that looks like your cheeks do after you’ve just exercised. A little bit of lip gloss helps complete my look.”

How does one find the perfect foundation?
“Foundation is my trick to achieving a smooth and even complexion. The first step is to find the right texture. To find your perfect shade, start by choosing three shades that look most like your skin. Then swipe the shades on the side of your face — from the cheek to jaw line. After gently blending each swipe with fingers, look to see which shade disappears into your skin. If the foundation blends perfectly with your skin, it’s the right one.”

Your advice to Indian women?
“Experiment with different shades and looks until you find one that suits your personality best. It’s always fun to try new things and match your look to your mood. If you don’t like it, you can always take it off!”

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